How to prepare for a power cut

How to prepare for a power cut

by | Nov 4, 2020 | Latest News & Articles

How can you prepare for a power cut?

Power cuts, or power outages can be unsettling when at home and potentially disruptive for a business. In our last blog article, we covered the potential cost of a power cut to a business which you can read here.

In this article we are going to discuss how you can prepare for a power cut at home.

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What should you do before a power outage?

Firstly, light is very important and power cuts can happen at any time of day. Make sure you have candles, battery lights/torches or fully charged battery powered lighting equipment at all times. Before winter sets in, it is worth making sure you have a torch on hand to use in the event of a power cut. Small things like waking up or down your stairs could be dangerous in the middle of the night.

Everyone likes to keep entertained, and many devices like phones and tablets have battery power which can be used for certain things during a power cut, however you have to make sure whatever applications you are planning to use can work without the internet.

Keeping warm is important, so having blankets and jumpers available is a good idea. Most heating devices require electrical power – even oil or gas central heating needs electricity for the boiler to function. This will leave you out of hot water and out of heating. If you have a solid fuel, dual fuel, gas/electric fire or a log burner, try to make sure you have logs or gas…etc at home to keep your house warm during the cold winter nights if you are unlucky enough to suffer from a power cut.

Try to turn off the switches on all affected appliances either before a pre-warned outage, or just after the power cuts out – but leave one light or lamp switched on so you know when the power is restored.

If you are notified in advance, boil up some water and keep it in a flask to make hot drinks during the outage. If the temperature drops dramatically, for example overnight, you could use this hot water to fill a hot water bottle for extra comfort.

Remember to keep fridges and freezers closed to keep them cold. Most modern appliances can last for hours if the doors are kept shut. This prevents your food from getting spoilt.

If you rely heavily on ‘gadgets’ to keep you occupied, purchasing some battery banks/power stations is a good idea. Some of these have fairly good capacity and keep your phones or tablets topped up should you need them. Power stations can however be expensive, and you need to remember to keep them charged up!

To summarise, there are some easy steps you can take to relieve the pain from a power cut, but, without power it will be surprising what you miss – from WiFi, to lighting, Netflix and more – power cuts are never easy unless you have invested in a backup power solution.

Our range of 230v single phase diesel generators range from 8kW up to 28kW which is more than adequate for almost all residential properties. Having a diesel generator as a backup gives you the ultimate ‘safety blanket’ and means you can continue as normal during a blackout. Give us a call if you would like to find out more about our home backup generators and help recommend a suitable solution for your home.

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