With our range of diesel generators from 8kW Single Phase (230v) to 550kVA 3 Phase (400v) from UK  stock.

Protect yourself from power cuts with our Cummins powered, Hyundai powered or Evopowered diesel generators.


Industrial quality, industrial outputs. Our stock ranges from 8kW to 550kVA, with 230 volt and 400 volt available from stock.

Larger sets, or bespoke requests can be arranged on a ‘made to order’ basis.

Our UK stock range consists of Cummins powered generators ranging from 50kVA to 550kVA and our smaller range which uses an Evopower diesel engine ranging from 8kW to 45kVA.

We can ensure your business stays powered!

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Evopower have been designing and building diesel generators since 2006. We offer high quality, UK designed gensets worldwide.

Using a mixture of our our own engines, Hyundai and Cummins diesel engines our variety of sets cater for prime, or backup power (standby power). We couple the generators with a variety of alternators and use a mix of ComAp or Deep Sea Electronic control panels and optional accessories such as water heaters, battery chargers or three way valves for the connection of external fuel tanks. Our vast experience in this industry ensures we choose the correct components to complement each other and finish with high quality diesel gensets.

Our units are dispatched from our large distribution, workshop and offices in Pembrokeshire, Wales, United Kingdom but we offer these on an ExWorks (EXW) basis for collection. Within the UK, we can arrange delivery to some areas, contact us if you require a quote for this. To find out more about exporting our generators, click here.

Our experienced advisors have many years of experience in the generator, machinery and equipment industries.

Evopower ECO RANGE - cummins powered diesel generators

The high quality ECO range of Cummins powered diesel generators by Evopower range from 50kVA to 550kVA.

Cummins engines are renowned worldwide for their durability, quality of workmanship and design. These units are ideal for industrial or commercial applications but also for home standby generator use.

Our Evopower, Cummins powered generators are designed in the UK for worldwide availability, using heavy duty, weatherproof, powder coated canopies. With Cummins parts readily available worldwide, you can be confident that you can maintain your Cummins generator for years to come.

Evopower diesel generators. Built to last.


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From our large 120,000 sq. ft. distribution centre in Wales, UK we design and test all of our Evopower ECO range of gensets, which are powered by world renowned, industrial quality Cummins engines.

Our sets are offered on an EXW (ExWorks) basis, collected from Pembrokeshire for worldwide use.

We have an expert team available for any questions you may have around the spec of our generators. Contact us on +44(0)1646 400800 if you have any queries, we would be happy to help!



Not only do we offer Cummins powered ECO sets from 50kVA to 550kVA, but we also have single phase and three phase sets, powered by our own Evopower engines.

Our EVO range, which covers 8kW to 28kW 230v single phase backup generators are ideal for home or small business back up. The 230v output is more commonly needed in smaller standby diesel generators.

Also within the EVO range are smaller 3 Phase 400v gensets, which cover 11kVA to 125kVA – but all EVO sets are powered by our own Evopower engines.

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The limited warranty terms differ depending upon the model and manufacturer of engine we use - whether it is our own, Cummins, Hyundai, Perkins...etc, and the location of the generator.

For UK based installations, our Cummins powered ECO range of three phase diesel generators have a warranty up to 24 months / 1,000 hours for standby applications or up to 12 months / 2,000 hours for prime applications.

In order to activate your extended warranty terms on the Cummins ECO range you must complete a few steps. For standby applications, if you have used your genset less than 500 hours in year 1, send us the service records and proof of hours in month 13 from purchase and we will extend your warranty for 12 months / 500 hours (max of 24 months, 1,000 hours).

For Prime applications, servicing and maintenance is key to prevent downtime. To extend the warranty from 1,000 hours to 2,000 hours simply send us a picture of the hours clock, and proof of servicing works within 14 days of each service to receive a warranty that lasts 2,000 hours. Please read the full warranty document to ensure you make the most of your free warranty.

All warranties are subject to terms and general wear and tear or serviceable parts, and any failure due to lack of maintenance in line with guidelines are not covered.  Please contact us if you require any more detailed information on any of the warranty terms.

To request a repair, report a fault with your generator or request a quote for a routine service, please complete the form on our service page.

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